Waking Up

Whenever I just wake up, I am not aware as I am later. Sometimes I still have some perception of the dream I was just in as I wake up. Sometimes parts of my body are numb and I cannot sense those parts or control them. Time must be taken in order to wake up.

Now just imagine… What if I’m not fully awake yet? Look around you, all those things that seem to be numb to you… you cant tell what that person is thinking, you can’t feel what a pet you might have is feeling… We’re all leaves of the same tree, but our consciousness is stuck in one leaf…

That is an interesting thought to me.



Okay so I’m going to talk about a race of beings called reptilians. They are sort of like aliens, but I think they’re not. I think they inhabited the earth before any human ever did. Reptilians look exactly like humans, except they have a hidden set of teeth below their jaw. They can also shapeshift into anything. The reason for this is because they are God’s chosen people. They are angels. They are everything. They are You. They eat exactly what humans eat. I also wouldn’t doubt that some of them eat humans.I’m going to talk about how I encountered and learned so much about Reptilians. Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide was on my mind, I had been tripping on it for 4 months. On 4th of July, 2014, I reached the 4th Plateau of this drug for the first time. I was in Destin, Florida on the beach where I hallucinated fireworks and sand was swirling all around me. I also lost my glasses, and the star rearranged into cubic lines. I was vomiting unicorns and rainbows all over the beach. When I reached my sisters house, I couldn’t tell that it was the right house, and I thought I broke into it. My mother began yelling at me and accusing me of being on drugs. I had been doing a lot of kundalini yoga at the time, my kundalini energy was burning within. I then got committed to a mental hospital by a cop who was my friend in a different person’s body. When I woke up I had become sober. But I had witness so many miracles. Everything was ridiculously covered in synchronicity, and I felt like I was God. Moving on, when I woke up, there was a man and a nurse hovering above me, calling me Maksymilian, which is my middle name. One of these person’s name was Thomas Richie, my name is Tomasz too. Tomasz Richie was the first reptilian I had known I met. We were in conversation, his breath smelt like bear. I asked him if he had been drinking, he said no, then he showed me in his mouth a huge alcoholol-soaked wad of of gum. Under which he showed me his hidden said of teeth and then told me he was a reptilian. The’re were drawings all over the walls that I couldn’t remember drawing, and when I thought it was okay to draw on the walls but I got in big trouble for this. There was a picture of a mushroom in pencil, Thomas Richie wiped it and it morphed into an  image of the godhead by alex grey. Later that day, Thomas walked up to me, said “I prayed for rain today” and almost immediately it began raining sunshowers. He also got out the exact same day I did, He said he was born in the fountain of youth, and that he was 150 years old. He pulled me out in the hallway, asked me if I believed in aliens. My mind paused, I shook my head yes. Then he told me that aliens were everywhere, only if I see it that way. There’s a lot more magical stuff to talk about on this subject. But this will do. Amen.


Today, their are many issues circling around freedom. People just can’t get enough freedom, if there is something holding them back they will use carping complaints for their freedom. Behold, we are all free beings already and you just need to look past the lies to notice this. What are you thinking about? You have freedom to think about whatever it is that you want to think about, nobody can stop you there. What decisions have you made? All of your decisions are a result of your free thinking. What is it exactly that you are thinking? Is it good, or is it bad? Are you thinking about being wealthy and powerful, or are you thinking about being peaceful and harmonious?

Look where the gift of freedom has gotten us today… pollution, wars, corruption, raping of the earth, imaginary lines on the ground, pecuniary systems, propaganda, hatred, and the list goes on.

Look around you in nature, the animals have their own set of laws they follow; a locust has to be a locust and tear up crops, a bumblebee has to be a bumblebee and spread pollen from flower to flower. Humans, unlike these animals, are truly free; we can think freely to make choices for wealth and power or we can can think freely to make choices for peace and harmony. We have been given the gift of freedom, but we are like the child who throws a tantrum when his toy isn’t as flashy and cool as something else, or the child who misuses his toys.

Use your freedom of choice. Use your freedom of choice. I’ll say it again, use your freedom of choice! We are all free, we may have some limits but don’t say we aren’t free because that is a lie. Next time somebody tries to say that you aren’t free, smack them in the face and prove them wrong. :)

Freedom is truly a beautiful thing, but it is misused. There are far more than enough materials for every living thing on this planet to thrive. Humans are the only creature that can freely walk around healing others but instead we’ve got to worry about how much money we have, what our property is, how good the system is, what others think of us, and so forth.

Omnipotent Imagination

Where would we be without imagination? Obviously, we wouldn’t have food, cars, toys, houses, music, clothes, etc. I wonder what it is that caused imagination in the first place. Okay, the rest of this post is going to be based off of the hypothesis that an omnipotent god/being exists. Imagination is the source of all things, lies are the origin.

Assuming that this omnipotent god created everything, it is tough to figure out what he may have started with. If he created materials, then there were no materials to begin with so he must’ve had to imagine materials. An artist uses his imagination to express himself, perhaps in the same way that an omnipotent being uses his imagination. When you imagine things, does it necessarily mean that they don’t exist because they are just a figment of your imagination? Well, they exist but they don’t exist at the same time; they exist in the sense that what you imagine has its own substantial evidence of existence through your own assurance. If I imagine a sexy lady in a red dress inside my head, she is there and I have no doubt about this. I could be a good person, but even though I only want to be good, I still unwillingly imagine bad things and sometimes even do bad things. Are all of us standing here simply the figment of somebody else’s imagination? We belong to the mind of a sick psychopathic twisted being, but no; imagination has a tendency to work on its own and this being may not control 100% of his own thoughts even if all he wants is a beautiful and harmonious reality. So if this omnipotent being imagined us, then we could simply be one giant expression of himself. Ironically, our imagination is a part of his imagination. Thinking about this, I ask myself WHERE is OUR imagination going? Look around you, there are not many highly imaginative minds, just plenty of people who want to get rich and happy for themselves before they die, and they think this is the proper way of life so they want you to think this too. The concept of time, in my opinion, has deluded us to think poorly for ourselves. Who is to say that time even exists? It is a part of our language; when I say now, that point in time is gone, the past doesn’t exist, the future doesn’t exist even more, what time is it. I can’t grasp the concept of time so I have to use numbers to explain it, great…

I feel like hatred is a virus within our imagination. It runs through our body and brain, and it spreads and leads to total destruction. Love is what we need, pure unconditional love to help and improve ourselves. You could argue that to create something new you need to destroy the old, and this may be true, but it is the method used to destroy the old through hatred that really messes things up. If you attempt to rid of a virus through vaccines and medicines, chances are that it will start to die off and things will seem to get better but really it will just come back under worse conditions. Anger however is not a part of hatred, it is a form of love, the kind of love that wants to improve. Where are we going in this whirlwind of lies and chaos?

^ The work of an improving artist. :)

Religion – Good or Bad?

If you were to ask me if religion is good or bad, I would say both. It is extremely negative in the sense that it can be seen as a tool used by authorities to control and condition people. Its can be seen as negative because it causes many (*cough* Christians *cough*) to think in an extremely close-minded point of view. I’d say it is also very positive because it can inspire people to do good, it gives many a motive when considering the possibility of an afterlife and a need to prepare one’s self for this afterlife. Though religion has a bad side to it, I see atheism as a far more negative system of belief.

Atheism is the belief that only the material world exists. There are no gods here, there is nothing special, everything has a perfect scientific explanation. I see this as negative because it causes one to think based on materials and leads to a need for material wealth. I have proof that atheism is false; thought is not a material, willpower is not a material, emotions are not a material though all these things are connected to the material world. Plenty of Atheists like to arrogate great scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, yet these guys aren’t Atheist at all but Agnostic, they believe that the existence of a deity or a spiritual presence is unknown and possibly unknowable. To eschew the concept of religion is tenable, but creates a pejorative view of reality.

What I find to be attracting about religion is that most of the religions of the world when looked at coherently are very similar. There is a Christ-like figure in nearly every religion that tells us not to do harm, to love, and to help each other to help ourselves. What I really dislike about Christianity though, is not the Bible itself, but the hypocrisy. Christians live by the rules of the Bible yet they are constantly breaking them and oppressing others. Christianity has significant roots to Paganism, which is not an “evil” religion at all yet it was attacked by hypocritical Christians in the past and still is today. In the Bible, it claims that those who are fearful go to hell.

As we all know, the bible is written in parables which possess multiple meanings yet most Christians stick to the literal meaning; they believe the bible is the literal word of God. If the Bible is the literal word of God, then what is with all of the different versions? Chances are that when you are reading the word of God, you are actually reading the word of King James.

“And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”                       Revelation 21:6 (God is the best and the worst, and those who seek truth find it)

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”                                                                                                                              Revelation 21:7 (The son of God and the father are one, you can be like Jesus)

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”                        Revelation 21:8 (This one is a bit more confusing as you could attach various definitions to these terms. I think what is most important here is the sorcery reference which caused a lot of the false accusations and brutal history of hypocritical Christians. The rulers of Egypt worshiped deities to change the world around them and ultimately to benefit themselves through sorcery. They had staffs, wands, and symbols used for worship/personal gain. Moses also had a staff, and he was not seeking personal gain, I’d say what he did is pretty similar to the concept of sorcery; do you think you will go to hell for being like Moses? Jesus walked on water too, he turned water into wine, is he burning in hell?

Religion seems logical as a whole, but I feel that it is commonly completely misinterpreted and looked at in an illogical manner.



Timothy Leary, Psychedelics, and Dreams

I haven’t dug much into Timothy Leary’s work but I find him to be somewhat of an inspiring person. This is mostly thanks to one of his greatest quotes.

“Think for yourself. Question authority. Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities, the political, the religious, the educational authorities who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing, forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness; chaotic, confused, vulnerability to inform yourself. Think for yourself. Question authority.”

Leary was a Harvard Psychology professor somewhere in the 1950’s/1960’s. Some of his experiments involved his students, in which they were given psychedelic drugs to determine whether or not psychedelics had a positive effect on the mind. After Leary had first taken “magic mushrooms” to study the effect on himself, he stated that he had “learned more about … (his) brain and its possibilities … [and] more about psychology in the five hours after taking these mushrooms than … in the preceding 15 years of studying and doing research in psychology.”

This just makes me wonder, what were the things he learned about the brain and its possibilities? I do know that many occultists take psychedelics such as DMT to help with obtaining a metaphysical state of being or performing an astral projection. Now now, I don’t support drug abuse or taking drugs for fun; I have had enough bad experience with family members who ruined their lives with such substances, so I really don’t wanna try it. What is interesting to me about DMT though is that it might be naturally produced by the brain while sleeping in REM state (I say might because it is unknown, but erowid seems to be a reliable source for drug information: http://www.erowid.org/ask/ask.php?ID=3146).

Something I realize quickly when discussing my own dreams is that most people have either really short and simple dreams or they don’t remember their dreams at all. I’ve had some pretty trippy dreams that seem to last a good bit even though there doesn’t really seem to be any sense of time in my dreams. I could just be another delusional loony, but it seems like my dreams which I remember quite often have some sort of occult meaning to them.  I usually only remember my dreams if I wake up completely on my own, if there is a distraction they become forgotten very quickly. When dreaming its like we are taken to a completely different place with different limits, who knows? I want to start lucid dreaming, I feel like it might be a good way to learn about myself but it is pretty hard to do.

I have had a lucid dream twice, but both were pretty lousy lucid dreams which caused me to wake up to the fact that it was just so weird.

First lucid dream: I woke up (in a dream) in a completely empty room, I stood up and a had concentrated on lucid dreaming before falling asleep so I had become very conscious in my dream. I walked up to the wall and pushed both of my hands against it with intent to go through it but something different happened, the pushing of the wall made the room start spinning or rolling slowly and it felt very strange and I woke up for real.

Second lucid dream: I went to bed with music playing (pandora radio) and luckily a song had come on about sleeping which made me conscious that I was dreaming. First thing I do realizing this is fly straight forward at top speed over a bunch of mountain tops that became a fuzzy blur. This was such an amazing feeling that I couldn’t handle it and woke up.

I’m not to sure about this one, but I’ve also heard that your brain can release DMT if you face a near death situation. Sounds iffy, but makes a lot of sense considering the amount of spiritual experiences people claim to have had when they were about to face death.

/end strange blog post