I saw a UFO!

Twice in my life, once in early January 2013 and once in early March I have seen a UFO. You see these things and your mine is blown and you completely open up to such things. In January I really wasn’t sure if it was a UFO or my mind messing with me, at night two bright lights caught the corner of my eye and I turned my head to look at them. Once I stared at them the lights they quickly turned off. Yesterday however, my friend and I went out to get lunch and while I was in the passenger seat of the car I saw a large white saucer type UFO in the sky. At first I dismissed it as a very small cloud but it was not moving with the clouds, it was staying in one spot and getting smaller. I was ready to pull out my camera and record but it disappeared too quickly. Interestingly enough, the clear sunny sky was followed by a large storm cloud where the UFO had disappeared.


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