Omnipotent Imagination

Where would we be without imagination? Obviously, we wouldn’t have food, cars, toys, houses, music, clothes, etc. I wonder what it is that caused imagination in the first place. Okay, the rest of this post is going to be based off of the hypothesis that an omnipotent god/being exists. Imagination is the source of all things, lies are the origin.

Assuming that this omnipotent god created everything, it is tough to figure out what he may have started with. If he created materials, then there were no materials to begin with so he must’ve had to imagine materials. An artist uses his imagination to express himself, perhaps in the same way that an omnipotent being uses his imagination. When you imagine things, does it necessarily mean that they don’t exist because they are just a figment of your imagination? Well, they exist but they don’t exist at the same time; they exist in the sense that what you imagine has its own substantial evidence of existence through your own assurance. If I imagine a sexy lady in a red dress inside my head, she is there and I have no doubt about this. I could be a good person, but even though I only want to be good, I still unwillingly imagine bad things and sometimes even do bad things. Are all of us standing here simply the figment of somebody else’s imagination? We belong to the mind of a sick psychopathic twisted being, but no; imagination has a tendency to work on its own and this being may not control 100% of his own thoughts even if all he wants is a beautiful and harmonious reality. So if this omnipotent being imagined us, then we could simply be one giant expression of himself. Ironically, our imagination is a part of his imagination. Thinking about this, I ask myself WHERE is OUR imagination going? Look around you, there are not many highly imaginative minds, just plenty of people who want to get rich and happy for themselves before they die, and they think this is the proper way of life so they want you to think this too. The concept of time, in my opinion, has deluded us to think poorly for ourselves. Who is to say that time even exists? It is a part of our language; when I say now, that point in time is gone, the past doesn’t exist, the future doesn’t exist even more, what time is it. I can’t grasp the concept of time so I have to use numbers to explain it, great…

I feel like hatred is a virus within our imagination. It runs through our body and brain, and it spreads and leads to total destruction. Love is what we need, pure unconditional love to help and improve ourselves. You could argue that to create something new you need to destroy the old, and this may be true, but it is the method used to destroy the old through hatred that really messes things up. If you attempt to rid of a virus through vaccines and medicines, chances are that it will start to die off and things will seem to get better but really it will just come back under worse conditions. Anger however is not a part of hatred, it is a form of love, the kind of love that wants to improve. Where are we going in this whirlwind of lies and chaos?

^ The work of an improving artist. :)


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