Today, their are many issues circling around freedom. People just can’t get enough freedom, if there is something holding them back they will use carping complaints for their freedom. Behold, we are all free beings already and you just need to look past the lies to notice this. What are you thinking about? You have freedom to think about whatever it is that you want to think about, nobody can stop you there. What decisions have you made? All of your decisions are a result of your free thinking. What is it exactly that you are thinking? Is it good, or is it bad? Are you thinking about being wealthy and powerful, or are you thinking about being peaceful and harmonious?

Look where the gift of freedom has gotten us today… pollution, wars, corruption, raping of the earth, imaginary lines on the ground, pecuniary systems, propaganda, hatred, and the list goes on.

Look around you in nature, the animals have their own set of laws they follow; a locust has to be a locust and tear up crops, a bumblebee has to be a bumblebee and spread pollen from flower to flower. Humans, unlike these animals, are truly free; we can think freely to make choices for wealth and power or we can can think freely to make choices for peace and harmony. We have been given the gift of freedom, but we are like the child who throws a tantrum when his toy isn’t as flashy and cool as something else, or the child who misuses his toys.

Use your freedom of choice. Use your freedom of choice. I’ll say it again, use your freedom of choice! We are all free, we may have some limits but don’t say we aren’t free because that is a lie. Next time somebody tries to say that you aren’t free, smack them in the face and prove them wrong. :)

Freedom is truly a beautiful thing, but it is misused. There are far more than enough materials for every living thing on this planet to thrive. Humans are the only creature that can freely walk around healing others but instead we’ve got to worry about how much money we have, what our property is, how good the system is, what others think of us, and so forth.


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