I saw a UFO!

Twice in my life, once in early January 2013 and once in early March I have seen a UFO. You see these things and your mine is blown and you completely open up to such things. In January I really wasn’t sure if it was a UFO or my mind messing with me, at night two bright lights caught the corner of my eye and I turned my head to look at them. Once I stared at them the lights they quickly turned off. Yesterday however, my friend and I went out to get lunch and while I was in the passenger seat of the car I saw a large white saucer type UFO in the sky. At first I dismissed it as a very small cloud but it was not moving with the clouds, it was staying in one spot and getting smaller. I was ready to pull out my camera and record but it disappeared too quickly. Interestingly enough, the clear sunny sky was followed by a large storm cloud where the UFO had disappeared.


Sandy Hook School Shooting Conspiracy


The videos below are more of the “out there” suggestions that the sandy hook elementary school shooting was a conspiracy. If you look around yourself you’ll probably find a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that this whole thing is staged.