Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the geometry of nature in all forms, supposedly it can be found anywhere and everywhere. I had heard about sacred geometry before, but I hadn’t ever really looked into it when I decided I’d draw a birthday gift for a friend. I wish I had taken a scan of the drawing before I decided to give it away, but it’s too late for that. This drawing was double sided; on the front I drew the friend’s name on top of a cloud with a flower in the middle of it. Coming out of the flower, I decided to draw two “stems” or something like that coming growing out of the flower, these stems were in the shape of Fibonacci spirals.

Now, this spiral can be found elsewhere.

I originally just thought this would be a cool thing to add to the picture, but the story to how it became a double sided image is rather strange. My sketchbook is a like a spiral ring notebook, but instead of the spiral ring being on the side, it is on the top. This one feature makes it very difficult to know the front or back of the sketchbook just by looking at it, so as I was in school (not paying attention like I should have been doing), I opened up to a random page and started drawing. WHOOPS! By the time I had already been drawing for over an hour I realized this image was on the back of the drawing I was going to give to my friend (for her birthday by the way). What I had drawn on the back was (my own discovery of) sacred geometry. I discovered this because at the time I had a stencil with a ton of different sizes of circles on it, and I was bored so I just felt like playing around with that. What I was drawing looked something like this, but a bit more complicated as there were several shapes just like with the same center but made with smaller circles.

If you look at this image carefully, you’ll see that it is composed of complete circles. In the center there is something similar to that of a flower, and I could make the shape of a maple leaf or something similar using different sized circles. Anyways, if you look carefully at this image, you see that it is basically just like two spiral galaxies (spiraling outwards) stacked on top of each other in different directions. Where can this be found in nature?

I don’t know about you, but I find this exceptionally interesting. As I kept going on with creating the image (I decided I would fill the whole page, it looked very cool when you held the paper in the light and could see both sides of it) it was becoming rather complicated and hard to keep organized, so lines were made to help keep the image in place. They ended up looking something like this.

By the time the image was all done, it grew on me. When I stared into it, it felt very mesmerizing, it’s like this image I had drawn was the meaning of life in a form of art. More lines were used, connecting the centers of different circles, and the lines formed a squarish grid, which seemed collided with several other slanted squarish grids. And when you looked at it, for just awhile, you noticed tons of symbols and all of these symbols could be found in common use today. The first one I noticed was the hexagram (Jewish Star), then the pentagram, and looking at it you could see that pretty much every sort of star shape or “something-gram” could be formed using sacred geometry. I could look at this image, and literally pull out every symbol I knew; the cross, the swastika, the pyramid (with an eye), several pagan symbols, etc. I even saw a double helix. Now I just had to, never being interested in it before, google sacred geometry. Some pretty crazy images came up (but nothing was like mine so I’ll try to get it here soon).

If you look at this image above, you can see several faces along the vertical mid-axis. They all look very weird. I don’t know what to think of the rest of the image.

Apparently, sacred geometry was a big influence in many ancient civilizations. It was used to design the great pyramids.

Looking more into it I found this video showing the sacred geometry in Mona Lisa.

A zoomed in image of a cannabis water crystal, though its probably found in a lot of other crystals and snowflake-like things (I am not implying that marijuana should be smoked):

Now, I really don’t know what to think of sacred geometry. All I know for sure is that it applies to nearly everything I see, and after playing around with it I notice it much more in everything I look at.

Now just for some fun, I will show you a chronological series of images I made in the snow today (sorry it’s not perfect, but still cool).

I will try to get the image I drew soon in a P.S note. :)


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